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SmarTracks Athlete

There are a lot of reasons to run. Some of the health benefits are strengthening the immune system, reducing stress and losing weight. Even a moderate amount of exercises, like running once a week, can have considerable positive effect on one’s health.

Running isn’t just an important part of individual and team sports, but also its own discipline. Based on the ability to sprint an athlete can have a decisive influence on a match or break records. This skill needs to be trained.

SmarTracks Athlete offers the perfect solution and is a must have for professional and ambitious amateur athletes who want an accurate running analysis.

Distances, speed, step frequency, sprint and interval times are measured effortlessly. You can run anywhere with the App’s Free Run option. Or you can choose the Record Run to run on tracks with the SmarTracks Timing Gates, which allows for an ever higher measuring accuracy.


One App – two Exercise Types
  • Record Run
  • Free Run


The App

SmarTracks Athlete is an Android application that, with the help of sensors in the smartphone, records all relevant parameters and displays them directly. Select your preferred running type, Free Run or Record Run, and put the smartphone in a running belt at the height of the lower back, the lumbar area.


The Advantages at a Glance
  • Professional training documentation and control
  • Exact time measurement
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Usable everywhere, at any time and in any wind and weather