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The SmarTracks Product Family offers professional athletes, ambitious amateur athletes and everyone else who wants to know, the perfect solution to capture and record training activities and results. With the help of state of the art sensors in combination with magnetic timing gates all the most important parameters like distance, duration and intervals are recorded.

SmarTracks products are time- and cost efficient in usage and allow a training and performance diagnostics without complicated constructions. This allows  trainers or diagnosticians to focus on the athletic performances.


#26-04-2018: SmarTracks Timing Gates In-Ground installed at La Trobe University track, Bendigo, Australia#
#05-06-2018: SmarTracks Athlete App released in Japan and Luxembourg: The App is now available in 12 countries!#
#19-06-2018: SmarTracks Timing Gates In-Ground installed at Mommsenstadion track, Berlin, Germany#