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About us

About Us

Welcome to Humotion, an ambitious high-tech company in the heart of Münster, Germany. We capture people’s motion data – how they walk, run and jump – so that athletes, physiotherapists, trainers, etc. have the information they need to assess performances. We are driven by the idea that gathering data should be easy, reliable and relevant. Therefore, we provide the full service of data capturing as well as data processing, so our clients can focus on what is important to them.

The three principles we stand by are:

  • Precision: Data is not worth anything if it is incorrect or imprecise. We test and improve our hard- and software time and time again, so that we can provide data of the highest accuracy and reliability.
  • Relevance: The data that is gathered needs to be put to use. We strive to make data as insightful and clear as possible, so that it has true meaning to our clients and they can work with the data provided.
  • Easy: Our products avoid unwieldy processes that only cost clients time and trouble. We offer wireless, server-based solutions that do not require bulky hardware or complicated software. They are designed to be used anytime and anywhere.

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What do we do?

We help you get reliable movement data with our cutting-edge sensor technology and analysis software. We specialize in capturing, analysing and processing human motion data using close-to-body sensors and develop corresponding high-tech products and services for the sports and medical market. To do so, we uniquely combine current key technologies from diverse research areas, such as motion data analysis, microprocessor and sensor technology.

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Who are we?

Humotion GmbH was founded in 2008 and now consists of an interdisciplinary team of specialists on hard- and software engineering, mathematics, sport science, product design, etc. We meet at eye level, live flat hierarchies and practice short decision-making. To us, it is important that people have creative freedom to put own ideas into practice and get the chance to fulfil their potential in the field they are passionate about.

Interested in joining us? Take a look at our job openings.