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The Humotion Datalogger is a movement monitoring system, comprised of a small measuring device and associated software. The hardware component of the system – a device about the size of a Flash drive – can be integrated into textiles to provide accurate measurements of body motion. Because the measuring device is capable of recording such a vast range of data – from acceleration to magnetic fields – the system can be easily used in applications that range from scientific experiments to athletics. The data can be easily exported into a usable format for later independent analysis, and Humotion has created a server-based software for automated analysis and reporting.


Humotion offers a range of products that help to expand the functionality of the Datalogger. Textiles can be easily integrated with the device and include belts, baseball caps, armbands, wristbands, shorts and shin guards. Humotion makes it easy to carry out studies and experiments involving large groups of people at a range of locations. The project manager sets all required parameters beforehand, such as volunteers, measuring positions, and installation location. The person taking the measurement must only select a volunteer and press Start. When the measurement has taken place, the data is downloaded onto a local device (PC) and stored in a structured file system. An automated upload to a central server is possible.


Many of our customers wish to access their raw data in order to perform independent analysis, and we support this by automatically exporting the data into any one of a number of readable formats. For those who do not wish to do this, we have developed a server-based analysis system which provides a structured and detailed analysis of data and creates reports.
Humotion is in the process of developing large-scale monitoring networks, something that could revolutionize the way long-term data is collected. By establishing permanent monitoring that is integrated with daily life, it will be possible to track movement patterns over months or years. Applications include sociological studies, health and safety, sports, people at work or at home, or any other activities of daily living. Hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics can also benefit from extensive, detailed and long-term data on their patients.